3 January 2014

Happy New Year: 4 Resolutions For 2014

Okay, so I can't claim to have taken a blogging sabbatical. I have instead been busy earning a promotion over the last six months. Free time has been taken up primarily with writing reports, sleeping and eating. And occasionally I squeeze in my so-called social life. A little while ago, I was offered the permanent position of senior flight stewardess for the world's no.1 airline.  Hard work having paid off, I can now return to my first love - travelling the world, and consequently, writing about it.
With 2014 underway, the usual resolution rigmarole has hit me. Being a girl who loves a gimmick, I do like making resolutions. It goes in with my other indulgences, such as stationery, writing lists and packing. Don't judge.

So here are my resolutions.

Prioritise my Time
In the past, my resolution read “Be On Time” but that never entirely worked out for me. This year I’ve tried to make a ‘smart goal’, and in order to be on time, I will try to master the art of prioritising my time. Avoid distraction. Ban procrastination. And, as Nike advocate: JUST DO IT. Which somewhat leads me to my next resolution...

Curb my Social Media Enthusiasm
Less liking on Facebook; more coffees with real friends.
More reading; less tweeting.
Learn Photoshop now; Instagram later.

Put Health First
What seems like a lifetime ago, I was up at 7am, pounding the pavement for an hour before work, making time for a lunchtime workout and hitting the gym after the office with friends. Now you’re lucky if I put my running shoes on once a fortnight. This afternoon I smashed out an 8k run and I rediscovered that amazing post-workout high. I might not be able to take a break at 38,000 feet on a Boeing 777 to squeeze in my cardio, but with all the beautiful places I travel to each week, I might just make running a part of my sightseeing plan. Watch this space!

Travel More
Oh the irony - an air hostess who wants to travel more. 
Do allow me to explain.
It's not that I could hope to see every single city on our 130-large destination network, but here is my must-see list, at least for this year:
-       Stockholm, Sweden
-       Lisbon, Portugal
-       Kiev, Ukraine
-       St Petersburg, Russia
-       Adelaide, Australia
-       Osaka, Japan
-       Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
-       Buenos Aires, Argentina

I'd love you to join me as I work my way through my resolution journeys! Wish me luck!

Love from Dolly x

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