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Hello everyone, thanks for reading The Trolley Dolly!

My name is Nadia, a magazine Beauty Editor and journalist in the UK for 8 years, now turned air hostess, travel writer, photographer.
Full-time unashamed tourist. Camera obsessed.
Email me with thoughts, suggestions, questions, anything... trolleydollyblog@gmail.com

I am based in Dubai
My origins are Scottish and Lebanese
I travel... everywhere!

Lifestyle, fashion, beauty... call it what you will - all I know is that I write about travel, fashion, beauty, food, my life, and the interesting things I do, see and learn.
I am not sponsored, nor do I answer to an Editor or anyone else, so you can expect reliable information and honest opinions from someone with experience. 

I decided to write this blog as a way of expressing my slightly superficial(?) obsession with beauty, in the most general and not always conventional sense of the word; be that in the people, places or products, that I experience.

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Let me know if you enjoy my little blog, subscribe and enjoy!

Love from The Trolley Dolly x

P.S. All photographs (unless otherwise stated) and posts are my own, therefore copyright follows suit. Thanks!

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