11 August 2014

Humani-tees are Always in Style... Style Ideas with Frontline Fashion

I love the idea of multi-tasking. However, when faced with the reality, I have to concede to being extremely bad at it. I am much faster doing just one thing at a time. 
Imagine the little dance I did then when I discovered this triple-whammy. Not only can I add a simple, stylish tee to my wardrobe, I am also supporting the rebuilding of the still-ruined Haiti island, and in order to facilitate the delivery of said t-shirt, I get to have lunch with a very hardworking, fundraising genius, I mean, friend of mine. 
Melissa Gilchrist Higgins is a lovely, Scottish ex-PR manager living in Dubai, and the brains behind Frontline Fashion. Her aim is to raise non-profit funds to support the orphanage her work to date has helped build, and to continue to show support to the people and namely, children, of Haiti. Another disaster zone which has slipped away from mainstream news, and consequently, our minds. 
It’s a truly wonderful venture and as I really can’t give it enough credit here, check out her amazing website… www.frontlinefashion.com

My personal favourites are the t-shirts... an edgy alternative to a plain tee. 
Clash with prints for a shopping date or...

...dress down with Allstars for a day sightseeing in Singapore.

Ooh, and I must show you all the Zanmi tote, too. For beach / shopping / got-too-much-stuff / uni, this is perfect.

Seeing as cakes are and always will be a mandatory accompaniment to our little lunch dates, may I also recommend Piece of Cake in Dubai for their delicious, bitesize carrot cakes... YUM!

Love from Frontline Dolly x

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